View from Council Crest Park toward Mt. Hood, which hidden by an enormous dark cloud that had just minutes prior passed over Council Crest, unleashing five minutes of sleet with a peal of thunder. A tiny patch of clear sky appears in the upper right. The nearby douglas fir trees are fuzzy in the mist. My bicycle leans against the low stone decorative wall in the foreground. My Stanley thermos mug is in the bottle cage; this object is at elast 10 years old and perfectly sized to fit in a bottle cage — the only insulated mug I have found that is such. All the pebbly paint has worn off my mug and I like to flatter myself it has acquired a kind of wabisabi patina. I love this mug, it manages to keep coffee hot for at least an hour in these punishing conditions, is completely leakproof, and dishwasher-safe.


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