View from Council Crest Park toward Mt Hood, the base of which can be discerned behind several layers of clouds, mist, and precipitation. The sky today is…complicated. There is a high deck of broken stratus clouds, through which the sun breaks through in streaks. This layer of clouds obscures the top of Mt. Hood, and a sheet of precipitation falls over the mountain itself. Across the city — so below 500' elevation — an inversion traps pockets of mist. Directly between us and the mountain, clinging mostly to Mt. Hood’s foothills, are a few scattered silvery clouds of precipitation. Many of these clouds glow brightly in the patches of sunlight that break through the top deck. In the foreground, a bicycle leans against  decorative stone wall. A few small pockets of filthy, slushy ice cling to a few spots on the walkways, the remnants of snow from almost two weeks ago. About 100' distant, to the right/south and slightly downhill, is a stand of tall Douglas firs. At approximately the same d


Tue, 8:46 a.m.